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PV DRILLING II reached the milestone of 9 consecutive years of safe operation(10/01/2018)

PV DRILLING II officially put into operation in 2009 is the second jack-up rig owned by PV Drilling Corporation. As of midnight on 14th September, 2018, PV DRILLING II reached the milestone of 9 consecutive years of safe operation without any Lost Time Incident (LTI-free), recognized by the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC). Together with the achievement of 11 years of safe operation by PV DRILLING I on March this year, the success attained by the PV Drilling's jack-up rigs this year is outstanding. Notably, both jack-up rigs have been operating free of LTIs since their inception. The excellence of PV DRILLING II is also demonstrated by the operating efficiency of the rig, which has always been maintained at over 97% during the past years.

On this occasion, the Corporation’s President & CEO has penned a letter to send his warmest congratulations to PVD Drilling Division’s Management and staff, the Rig Management team and all crew members of PV DRILLING II as well as the supporting team from HSEQ Division of Head Office. In the letter, on behalf of PV Drilling’s Management and staff, President & CEO Pham Tien Dung expressed his joy and pride over this remarkable safety achievement, affirming the outstanding level of expertise, dedication and commitment of the teams in order to provide high quality drilling services to many customers over the years, even in the most difficult times. He also appreciated the success and repeatedly affirmed the importance of the wonderful Safety Culture at PV Drilling, where each member not only cares for the safety of his own but also looks after those he works with. With positive signals of recovery for the drilling industry recently, the President & CEO expressed his hope for the future, as more opportunities to come, PV Drilling’s fleet would have maintained consistency and excellence and in particular the operational safety record.
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